1. Q. How many products can I include in my listing?

A. With the basic package you can add up to 10 product images and 2 product videos

2. Q. What marketing methods do you use to market my listing?

A. There are several marketing methods.

  • We will send out monthly email campaigns to our database of distributors marketing the site (we call this push marketing). Our Food and Beverage products database consists of over 15, 000 distributors in over 150 countries.
  • We create multilingual pages customized to your product category that are optimized for search engines to be found when distributors or end-users look online for information related to your products. We can provide numerous examples (we call this pull marketing).
  • We run Paid Search Marketing Campaigns (Pay Per Click or PPC) to help drive new traffic to your product category.
  • We list your products on other directories if you choose free of charge. Examples are Alibaba and Export Yellow Pages (for US companies only).
  • We advertise the directory in other publications and online media.
  • We create ezine articles that are submitted and published online to help build links to the directory and increase the search rankings.
  • We use social media marketing campaigns to help drive traffic to your product category.

3. Q. How do you measure traffic to the site?

A. We can measure both email campaign results and search engine traffic to the site, and we will provide regular reports.

4. Q. What is the process after I sign the agreement?

Once you sign the agreement, we ask you for the first month’s payment and then we begin to build your listing. Within two weeks of your signing up we will create both your listing based on feedback from you on the marketing message. After we are finished building your listing and SEO pages, your listing will be live on the directory.

5. Q. What is the price for this directory service?

A. Our price varies with length of agreement, with a minimum six-month agreement to start and then month to month after this initial six month period.  Discounts apply with longer agreements.

6. Q. What makes this directory different from others?

A. Our directory is specifically designed to increase brand awareness and generate new sales leads for your vertical market of food and beverage products. We use the latest online marketing solutions to accomplish this, and our directory provides you with a 24 x 7 worldwide marketing effort.  Other directories are general in nature, and as a consequence it will be much more difficult to find your products in a sea of thousands of other products from multiple products.

Our marketing effort produces much more qualified leads through our targeted email campaigns, search marketing, and social networking effort.  There is simply no other online marketing service like it in the world.

7. Q. Do you sell products from this site?

A. This site is designed as a marketing tool for your business, and interested prospective customers can contact your company directly through your directory listing. There are several companies we represent as their exclusive marketing partner for selected international markets, and we use this same directory to consistently drive new business for these companies.

8. Q. Do you have examples of success with these marketing methods? How do I know this will work?

A. That is an excellent question. We have, and still do use these exact same marketing methods to drive new business for several of the companies we currently work with.  We have generated and closed millions of dollars in new business using just these methods, and we have numerous case and current news updates where we are still adding new distributors worldwide with our current partners.

9. Q. Would you work with us as a global distribution partner on a buy and resell of commission basis?

A. In most cases we will work with you on a marketing lead generation and brand building basis. We will consider this if the opportunity is right, but only in very limited cases.  The benefit of using just our marketing service is that, for a very nominal cost you can generate new business and keep the revenue and profits in the long term.   Some companies also do not want to engage in a long term exclusive agreement with our company but just utilize our marketing expertise and resources.

10. Q. What other services do you provide?

A. Just as we provide global marketing services for your business via our directory, we can also help to improve your current company web presence. Our services include website design and upgrade, online marketing such as search, email, and social networking in American English.

Finally, we also provide strategic marketing planning and we have example marketing plans for you to review.