Channel Marketing

Global Marketing Associates (GMA) bring over two decades of experience in channel business development and channel management support. In addition to years of US domestic experience, we have also acquired a deep understanding of international channel development and management. We have worked with both fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized manufacturers to provide both strategy as well as tactical implementation of their channel plans.

We understand the complex nature of channel relationships, but we try to keep our approach as straightforward and streamlined as possible. Our customized integrated marketing approach leads to faster results, and a higher return on your marketing investment.

While we understand the benefits of highly targeted interactive marketing campaigns, we also understand that for more complex B2B sales a more personalized engagement can yield superior results. Traditional offline face-to-face marketing events can still hold a significant advantage in building long term relationships that are key to channel success.

Finally, to help maximize your MDF or Co-Op resources, we employ a multi-touch, integrated approach to marketing. Utilizing pull marketing strategies such as search marketing and social media to build demand for your products with end-users, and providing these quality leads to your channel partners helps build the loyalty necessary to achieve long term results.

Interactive Online Channel Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing or Pay- Per-Click (PPC)
Social Media
Video Marketing
Direct Email Prospecting Campaigns

Offline Channel Marketing Services

Event Marketing
Direct Mail

Channel Partner Retention Services

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Campaigns
Channel Website Portal Development
Marketing Communications Support
Channel Partner Training Support