International Marketing

GMA services combine proven international business development solutions to help drive new revenue, as well as new and cutting edge marketing programs to help set you apart from the competition. Let our experienced team of professionals help your business grow on a global scale.

Business Development

Global Marketing Associates brings years of experience across a wide range of industries helping businesses manage and grow on a global basis. Our proven approach can help your business achieve marketing results fast and cost effectively. Our help ranges from strategic planning to tactical business development support. We rely on traditional methods as well as cutting edge online marketing solutions. When it comes to international market growth, we've been there, and we can help you get there as well.

International Partner Search & Organized Market Visits

Through our global marketing team, we possess the experience, resources, and knowledge needed to identify qualified distributors, agents, or end-user clients who are interested in your products. This service will allow you to save time, reduce costs, minimize risks, and increase sales. This includes market and country briefing, and face to face meetings with pre-qualified distributors, agents, or buyers. We also provide background and contact information on each prospect, and logistical and on-the-ground support.

Market Intelligence

Through our customized consulting services, we can help your company create a sound business development and marketing plan. Based on thorough research and due diligence, we can help you avoid costly mistakes and develop your roadmap for success, from deciding on the best markets for yor global expansion, to the best mode of entry, and much more. We can also provide you with the latest global marketing intelligence to help you make better informed decisions.

Export Management Services

For selected companies, GMA can act as your outsourced international marketing department. We can assist with marketing, sales, logistics, support, financing, accounts payable and receivable services, and distributor legal agreement preparation, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your revenue opportunities in your home market.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

GMA can help clients optimize supply chain business process and technology resulting in more profits, optimal demand and planning forecasting, capacity planning, production planning and scheduling. Through our strategic partnerships, GMA can help your enterprise build tighter, more agile, and more efficient relationships with your global trading partners.