Marketing Communications

At Global Marketing Associates we believe that how you communicate the value of your products or services is critical for success in both domestic and international markets. For over 20 years we have provided a full range of marketing communication services for both US and international companies, ranging in size from Fortune 500 to small and mid-sized.

We also believe it's critical to coordinate both your domestic and worldwide communications efforts so you develop a consistent global brand message. While we understand that each world market requires a certain level of localization, we also know from years of experience that there are clear and fundamental areas of differentiation for each product or service that apply to all markets.

Finally, we use a tested and systematic approach to help your business develop and execute an effective integrated global marketing communication plan. This detailed process helps achieve the most effective results from your global communication efforts.

Our Integrated Marketing Communication Services Include:

Traditional & Online Advertising
Direct Mail & Email Campaigns
Social Media
Public Relations, Newsletters & New Releases
Trade Show, Seminar, Webinar & Event Support
Marketing Print Collateral
White Papers ,Case Studies & Testimonials
Website Content
Video Marketing Communications
Reputation Management