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Place Category: Confectionery

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  • YARO – is a family business established by Yulia Privalova and Daniel Privalov in 2016. We believe that food can be healthy and tasty at the same time. A healthy lifestyle can be pleasant to follow. We have united the knowledge collected from healthy nutrition gurus around the world and created the food that helps people feel better, and makes their transition to a healthy lifestyle much easier.
    In the beginning, when we just started, we created the smoothie and puree detox programs that helped gently cleanse the body. In three years, we were able to increase the number of products we produce by 10 times. In addition to detox programs, we added nutrition programs, deserts, sugar-free sweets and much more healthy foods. Here in YARO, we like experimenting. We are the first brand in Ukraine that started to use carob for candy glazing.

    We are extremely proud of the results that we were able to achieve so far. Previously, we used to buy recipes from health clinics around the world and now, our confectioners are creating the recipes locally that we can introduce to the rest of the world. Today, YARO – is not only healthy delicious food, but it is also a philosophy based on the founders’ healing experience.

    The main rule of our business is to be ecological and sustainable in everything that we do. In YARO, we choose people that support brand’s vision. In YARO, we choose the best ingredients and packaging. In YARO, we choose to care for the wellness of our customers and the planet as a whole.



  • Kyiv,
    Nikolay Grinchenko