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Place Category: Dairy

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  • The history of the Polycarpou family in cheese and livestock goes back in time for more than 5 generations. Ever since, the family was occupied with the animals and the preparation of traditional Cypriot cheese products from its own milk. The art of cheese-making has passed on from generation to generation and with the same technique we continue producing our products until today.

    The area of Prastio (Avdimou), which is the birthplace of the Polycarpou family and where our dairy and our farm are situated, is famous throughout Cyprus for its dairy products, the cheese-making techniques and in particular for the Halloumi cheese and its flavor. Along with this, the vegetation of the area, the altitude, the weather conditions in the area and the breeds of animals used for milk production are the additional features which make the difference.
    With our sheep farm in modern facilities and grazing the animals in the rich Cypriot flora available in the area, we have as a result a high quality of raw material which is the milk. Milk deluged by the scents and flavors that come from the Cypriot, and transferred to the products we manufacture, which gives them this unique and special flavor.





  • Limassol, Cyprus