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Place Category: Drinking Water

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  • VaiWai® is a premium natural artesian water bottled at source in the Namosi rainforest in Fiji. Sourced from organic certified land the artesian aquifer is deep underground in a pristine rainforest precinct which assures purity and authenticity. Manufacture dot the highest international quality standards and produced by a company that values the environment and community as core values that are entrenched in all that we do.
    VaiWai® has thrice been awarded the highest taste award at the International Quality Institute in Brussels and described by sommeliers as ” a smooth tasting water with delightful minerality” the brand is renowned for taste and purity and its natural alkalinity.
    VaiWai® is offered in a range of 4 sizes; 330ml,500ml, 1l and 1.5l and is priced to please. Natural, pure and outstanding things come from natural, pure and outstanding places. Fiji is such a place.

    The purest most untouched region in Fiji gives us Fiji’s best-selling water. Where purity and nature are not rushed and time means little.
    A water genuinely pure, with a mineral content that gives it a taste experts acclaim as exceptional. A water that inspires and leads in every sense. A journey of discovery, design and inspiration now brings you VaiWai Natural Artesian Water. Truly exceptional.



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