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  • BIOSOTA – premium honey is not just a beekeeping product, but an exquisite delicacy that has preserved all the unique properties of honey. Therefore, it comes from nature and the best beekeepers that help create this premium honey product. BIOSOTA is natural wild honey from Russia, collected in the ecologically clean territory of the Far East.

    Moreover, BIOSOTA is truly a natural product without artificial additives and dyes. It contains only honey, berries, nuts, fruits, and root crops.

    The entire production process is under the strict control of technologists. BIOSOTA is a 100% organic product with no artificial flavoring. Furthermore, the BIOSOTA company has a specially equipped warehouse, where they can store honey and save all the natural taste of the product.

    About the company

    Since the company has grown quickly ower the past few years, they are present in Russia and European countries. With the strict regulation put in place, their premium honey is available now for the distribution in the US.

    The BIOSOTA packaging is the glass jar, and the price for it is quite affordable.

    Currently, the company offers a different product range that includes black and white label products. In their white label product line, you will find lemon, blueberry, pine nut flavors, and many more. In addition to their white label, the Black label product line consists of ginseng, Chaga extract mushroom, and honey with pollen with antibacterial properties.

    One of the special products in the BIOSOTA range is premium honey with Matcha tea. That makes this combination unusual with delicate linden honey and matcha drink.

    BIOSOTA brings a unique creative experience and knowledge to the Russian honey market. The honey is a unique innovative product that has absorbed amazing and valuable gifts of nature! Therefore, the BIOSOTA company will gladly introduce their honey product line to the world.

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