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Place Category: Honey Products

Our Address
  • Ebia Honey brings over 80 years of experience producing premium honey products, and is now seeking new exclusive distribution partners worldwide.

    Global Expansion

    Because we meet the highest international standards for quality, we now export our honey to the US, Europe, Asia, and The Middle East.

    If you are currently importing honey products, or are considering adding honey, please contact us for more information on distribution opportunities in your country.

    Why Ebia Honey? 

    Ebia honey guarantees that it is not mixed with honey from other countries. Ebia honey a is a 100% product made in Brazil.

    What is Ebia Bio?

    After many years of constant innovation, ebia Honey presents eBia BIO.

    eBia BIO is a biological honey characterized by the high degree of purity found in the protected and non contaminated forests.  It is the result of the effort to conserve our natural crops and to refine our production processes from fields to the final product.


  • Av. Murimbi 8473 Room 1 Brooklin
    Sao Paulo, Brazil