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    SS Tariş Olive and Olive Oil Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union consists of 30 cooperatives spread today in Aydın, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, İzmir, Manisa and Muğla provinces. It is the largest organization in the industry, with 28,000 producer partners, 30 modern continuous system olive extraction facilities, olive and olive oil combination, R&D Department, accredited laboratories by the International Olive Oil Council, ISO9000 and ISO9002 Quality System Certificates, from breeding to evaluation of by-products. . TA-ZE is the brand of SS Tariş Olive and Olive Oil Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union.

    Our purpose of establishment is marketing, selling and distributing the products of our partners in the most effective way in the domestic and foreign markets. The foundation of the idea of ​​establishing our company is to provide the Union, which has a deep-rooted history, to become stronger and to be prepared for the negative effects that globalization may cause in our sector.

    Tariş Zeytin A.Ş. is a very important bridge that carries Tariş Olive and Olive Oil Union to the future. Our company, established with this responsibility, has short, medium and long-term corporate, technological and managerial goals and these targets are revised according to changing conditions.

    We are proud of delivering olive oil to world consumers with our dealers, national chain stores and olive oil boutique stores, and our exports to different countries. 


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    10006/1 Sok. No: 10 / B
    Çiğli 35620 İzmir