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  • Blooming tea series for the Fujian acupuncture needle tea, the selection superior Fujian pekoe acupuncture needle tea for raw material and the dehydrated fresh flower, (on thousandth is red, Huang Ju, jasmine, lily, pot marigold, carnation and so on) unify the purification after the unique handicraft and the modern technology to become. Soup color light green micro yellow, limpid bright, incites tasty thick mellow, the aftertaste is sweet.

    Suggested Use:

    1. Take one 500-1000ML glass pot.
    2. Put one flower tea ball into the pot.
    3. Pour boiling water into the pot around the wall of the cup.
    4. Please wait 4-6 minutes for tea flower full-blown.
    5. Enjoy together with your friends
    According to the process of flowering tea and the materials they chose, there will be different choices of the container when brewing. We suggest that you should choose a cup or bottle made of glass as the container.


    Different Effects of Flower Teas – To Get the Benefits When Drinking
    Flower Tea is made of silver-green tea and various dehydrated flowers. The silver-green tea was bundled to be Flower Tea’s base, which maintains the balance of its body. Thus the Flower Tea can flower leisurely in your cup. After fixation and sun-drying, the green tea leaves will lose a few of polyphenol. Yet the amount of polyphenol in Flower Tea is still larger than other tea species. If you know some knowledge of teas, you probably have heard of that slightly fermented teas are suitable for summer drinking, while teas fermented of higher level are more suitable for winter drinking. This is because of the different amounts of polyphenols in tea leaves.

    Although Flower Teas was made from green tea, during the progress of drying after bundling, the content of polyphenol was further declined. Based on this reason, a polyphenol in Flower tea is less than the content in green tea. Consequently, Flower Teas is also suitable for winter, and will not stimulate your stomach due to the high content of polyphenol.

    The raw materials of craft tea are well-selected Fujian Silver Needles and dehydrated flowers. Blooming tea not only has the effects of tea, but also has the unique effects of dehydrated flowers. Different Blooming teas have different effects since different dehydrated flowers are mixed.

    Brief Health Info
    Thanks to the combination of green tea leaves and dehydrated flowers, blooming tea has many health benefits such as delaying the aging of cells, whitening the skins, improving immunity etc.

    Globe Amaranth: It is originally produced in tropical America. It can clear the liver, eliminate phlegm, relieve a cough, and prevent asthma.
    Yellow Chrysanthemum: It can scatter wind-heat, remove heat and eliminate toxins.
    Marigold: It is originally produced in Europe. You can eat it directly or brew for beverage, which can help you remove heat, eliminate toxins, nourish the liver, improve visual acuity, beautify skin, and promotes better digestion.

    Process of making Flowering tea (Blooming Tea)
    Flower tea combines the flavor of flower and tea, meanwhile brings people a strong experience of its bright color. The choose of materials and the making methods of flower tea has greatly affected this special effect.

    Tea Buds
    The tea buds hug the flower in the middle. Those tea buds are made in complete process of producing green tea (picking, shaqing (kill green), rolling and drying).

    After picking, fresh flowers should be dehydrated (by natural air-dried and machine air-dried) before the next process. Besides, The flower must be picked in integrity, meanwhile in the best picking time. Thus the quality of flower tea products could be mostly guaranteed.

    When the quality of materials was ensured, we would then select qualified Silver Needles Green tea and dehydrated flowers. Pick out a certain amount of Silver Needles, bundle the bottom, then put a dehydrated flower in the middle and cover it with the tea outside. In the end sew the top.



  • Yunnan, China